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Bevel Gear Milling machine

YK2260T Milling Machine
(CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutter tilt Method Generator)

Author: Time:2015-07-20 Views:5702
YK2260T Milling Machine<br/> (CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutter tilt Method Generator)

This machine is specially designed for machining spiral bevel gears andhypoid gears with pitch angle 10° - 80 used in automotive drive axles. Themachine is suitable not only for the mass and stable manufacturing of driveand driven gears for vehicle drive axles, but also for various machining ofindustriai spiral bevel gears in smalf quantities.

The Structural Features of the Machine Tool

  1. Innovative design and cuting efficiency.

  2. The tool box adopts the tilt frame of cutter spindle with maximum inclination of 30% which effectively extends the working range ofgears achieving universal processing of spiral bevel gears.

  3. The Y-axis adopts the horzontal bonng machine strucure.Comparing with the gate-shaped structure, the rigidity improves, while thecutting vibration reduces which is suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

  4. The machine is designed wthout cradle, drum and other institutions. achieving 5-axis gapless interpolation. With the machiningsotware o! innovative tilt degeneration method, finish machining by the ilt degeneration method of hypoid gears can be achieved.

  5. Except for the mounting angles of wheel blanks and it angles, the other processing parameters can be inputs on the CNC screen for5.quick and simple adjustments of the contact area, satisfying both small batches and mass productions.