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Bevel Gear Milling machine

YK2260DX Milling Machine
(CNC Extended Epicycloid Bevel Gear Milling Machine)

Author: Time:2015-07-20 Views:5215
YK2260DX Milling Machine<br/> (CNC Extended Epicycloid Bevel Gear Milling Machine)


The Structural Features of the Machine Tool

  1. Rigidity and cutting efficiency. 

  2. The Y-axis adopis the honzontal boning machine sinucture with tool box installed on the side of the pllar and rectangular cast iron railsenabling hardened. ground lead. and plastic skateboard paste. moving smoothly without vibration.

  3. The machine is designed withoul cradle, drum and other inslitutions, adopling 5-axis servo drive with gap-less interpolation, toachieve up-graded accuracy, and easy maintenance.

  4. Except for the mouning angles ol wheel blanks to be adusted manually by the displayed value, the other processing parameters can beinput on the CNC screen for convenient adjustments and well machine flexibility.5 The cuter and workoiece are powered by 19.5KW senvo molor achieving functions ol electronic gearbox and stepless adiustment of revolution velocities Workpiece is automatically fastened.

  5. All rails adopt closed-protection. The machine is equipped with a protective cover or antispalter and automatic chip conveyor, so theiron chips can be discharged outside immediately. suitable for both dry cutting and wet cutting.