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Equipment in the four fields needs CNC machine tools

Author: Time:2015-07-20 Views:8498
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"Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)" clearly states that the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" major science and technology to "focus on the development of the aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment manufacturing and other needs end CNC machine tools, "" gradually improve China's high-level CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing outfit's self-development capability to meet the basic needs of the major domestic industry for manufacturing equipment. " Specific implementation plan proposed: By 2020, the formation of high-level CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equips with independent development ability, the overall technical level catches up with the developed countries, and some products may be global leading products; establish a complete feature R & D and support capabilities; form enterprises as the main body, a combination of technological innovation system; develop and establish a high-quality research and development team; the aerospace, marine, automotive, power generation equipment manufacturers require high-level CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment 80% based on the domestic production.

For a more accurate and comprehensive grasp the latest developments in the industry to better understand user needs and focus on the development of the machine tool industry, provide a reference for specific implementation, Chinese Machine Tool Industry Association commissioned by the State Development and Reform Commission, Industries Division, organized more than 30 industry experts, in June-July, 2008, by the Association of Machine Tool main leaders led, divided four research groups for aviation, marine, automotive, power generation equipment and machine tool industry 61 companies and institutes conducted a special investigation. Through in-depth field research and the exchange of industry users, a clearer picture of the development of these user industries, as well as the characteristics of typical parts of the equipment demand.

Aviation industry

The structural characteristics of typical parts of the aviation industry is extensive use of thin-walled structure as a whole, complex shape. In order to increase aircraft maneuverability, increased payload and range, lower cost, lightweight design and conduct extensive use of new lightweight materials, the material increasingly high performance requirements. Now extensive use of aluminum, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, high-strength steel, composite materials, engineering ceramics. Complex structure of thin-walled parts, honeycomb pieces of complex shape, hole, holes, grooves, ribs and other more rigid craft difference.

According to the characteristics and processing requirements of the aerospace industry working parts need to band A, B swing angle or A, C tilt angle of five-axis machining centers, high speed machining centers, large Ssangyong door vertical machining centers, large CNC gantry milling machine, precision CNC lathes, large CNC precision vertical turning centers, milling machining centers, leaf discs efficient processing center, end arc tooth grinding machines, high speed rotor blade tip grinders, creep feed grinders strong, broaching, relevant EDM, laser cladding machine tools, for sheet metal part multi-point forming press, directional single crystal furnace, electro-hydraulic beam equipment. Requirements machine has sufficient rigidity, simple, clear interface, it requires spline interpolation (NURBS), process uniformity control, in order to reduce the impact on the machining accuracy of the corner, with online measurement simulation.


Key processing parts of large vessels are concentrated in high-power diesel engines stand, rack, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, crosshead, connecting rod, crankshaft and gearbox shaft, rudder and propeller shaft (propeller), etc. critical machined parts made of special alloy steel, usually small batch processing, claim processing yield of 100%. Key workpiece having the weight of large, complex shape, high precision and difficult process characteristics. The key pieces of processing large vessels required to have high power, high torque, high reliability and multi-axis heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools and special machine tools, such as heavy and super-heavy CNC gantry milling machine, large-scale cyclone lathe, CNC heavy gantry milling and Heavy CNC Floor Boring, CNC lathe, grinding machine, deep hole drilling, and large steel plate pressing, pickling, heat and flame cutting machines. Wherein the heavy and super heavy duty crankshaft and large propeller machining typical and special needs super heavy-duty CNC machine tools, super-heavy multi-axis machining.

Auto industry

Automotive engine and body stamping production line with continuous, efficient, high reliability features, the automotive industry is eager to be able to specialize in machine tool factory process characteristics of automotive components, interact with the automotive industry have jointly developed a modular, series, can realization of complete sets of flexible production line turnkey project.

Flexible production line automobile engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, and other key cabinet a workpiece as an object, adapt mixed production of modules quickly assemble reconfigurable production line, master performance evaluation, error traceability, quality control and management integration technologies, development of high-speed precision machining center, fine boring machine, bore precision grinding machines, crankshaft balancing machines, crankshaft neck rolling machine, link up the broken machine, crankshaft milling outside milling, crankshaft speed grinders and other hosts; High-speed reclaimer robots and auxiliary equipment such as deburring function has washing machine, handling robots, laser welding machines, cylinder pressure machines, online testing equipment. Requirements CNC machine tools, such as high-speed horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and CNC precision grinding machines, etc. must be stable, reliable performance, CMK value of the indicator is greater than 1.67.

Power Industry

Power Equipment Key workpiece weight, and shape of the special, high precision and difficult process, expensive, the price is far more than a single heavy-duty CNC machine tool prices. Such as nuclear power plant pressure vessels weighing 400 - 500 tons of single rotor single large turbine and generator more than one hundred tons of weight, reliable operation requires more than 30 years. Therefore, power generation equipment, key parts manufacturing machine needs is characterized by large size, high stiffness, high reliability. Requests for various ultra-heavy-duty CNC machine tools and plane, such as large CNC vertical lathe, large CNC horizontal lathes, CNC Boring and Milling Machine, gantry milling machines and machining centers, CNC drilling, as well as large-scale suppression equipment and CNC bending machine, etc. . For certain machining parts, machine tools with multi-axis control requirements and complex five-axis machining capabilities.