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Opportunities for CNC machine tools enter the new area of military

Author: Time:2015-07-20 Views:3072
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April 7 - - 8, 2009, CNC machine tool applications military industry forum held in Beijing. The annual meeting of the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Industry for National Defense Science and Technology Development and jointly organized by the China Machine Tool Industry Association, China's peaceful use of military technology associations and co-host.

Zhang Guobao, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Deputy Minister of Industry and Miao Wei, deputy director of the National Defense Science and Industry Bureau Wang Yiren to the meeting and made an important speech. The competent departments of the organs of leadership, the military industrial companies and their enterprises, consulting firms, focused on domestic machine tool companies and related media representatives from more than 150 people attended the meeting.

Long-term cooperation is paying off

It is understood that the meeting has been held four consecutive, has become an important platform for military industry work and long-term cooperation mechanism of the machine tool industry, and promote the effective exchange of military industry and the machine tool industry, communication, and promote the defense industry and the machine tool industry common development, and achieved remarkable results, it was the fourth installment of 12 domestic CNC machine tools excellent cooperation projects released.

"Through years of efforts, China's military enterprises from the initial passive purchasing domestic machine tool to the current initiative procurement, indicating that we made CNC machine tools are increasingly recognized by the users." Zhang said.

Wang Ren said the Aviation Industry Corporation of 80% of NC machine tools purchased domestic brands. Guo Ting, deputy director of the Ordnance Group Planning Department also told reporters that they Group currently has 90% of the domestic machine tool products purchased product.

Secretary-General of China's peaceful use of military technology association Jinwu Shi presented. The conference also witnessed the achievements of the past four years, he said, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of National Defense Science and Industry Bureau of the three departments jointly held a meeting to promote the defense industry and the machine tool industry effectively interaction and cooperation, promote the autonomy of high-grade CNC machine tools manufacturing, equipment manufacturing revitalization plan is the implementation of the specific implementation, but also to address the financial crisis and stimulate domestic demand, driven by the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and upgrading of important initiatives.

Particularly under the impetus of a few years will, in government policies to guide and support, military industry and long-term mechanism and gradually improve the machine tool industry into a standardized track, getting better cooperation between the two sides of supply and demand and continue consolidate nearly 40 to be imported high precision and advanced CNC machine tools by localization demonstration changed domestic acquisitions, have 47 technical difficulties, index parameter is high, a large amount of domestic CNC machine tools excellent cooperation projects and the corresponding 94 supply and demand co-operation were commended, more and more companies rely on the military machine of key projects to achieve a major breakthrough in the related art, a strong impetus to innovation and technological progress of the entire industry.

A new round of opportunities

"The current supply and demand gradually enter a virtuous circle of cooperation, a good time this is made CNC machine tools in the development of military industry." China Machine Tool Industry Association, said the Director-General Wu Berlin.

He also believes that China's imports of general machine tools dropped and economic financial crisis demand for machine tools, and heavy machine tools and high-end machine tool demand increased. Next to the machine tool industry will accelerate structural adjustment, and further develop military and other industries, currently Shenyang Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool and other machine tool manufacturing enterprises have been gradually expanding the military field.

It is understood that the current "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major science and technology plan" will soon be implemented, second phase of exploration, a new generation of carrier rockets, high-resolution Earth observation system and a number of military capacity-building project is at a critical implementation stage. Development of military industry of the need to support our high-end CNC machine tools.

In addition, the state will give a lot of support, and vigorously promote the development of CNC machine tools in the military industry. Miao Wei said at the meeting, the Ministry will cooperate fully support the machine tool industry and national defense industry, with the Development and Reform Commission, Science and Industry Bureau together with the long-term cooperation mechanism in depth.

It is understood that "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major science and technology plan" with the State Department "equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan," the policy information as well as the defense industry "thousands of CNC machine tools efficiency projects" implementation is moving forward steadily ; promote "military industrial applications the first (set) made CNC machine tools identified and management approach." In addition, the meeting also announced the fourth installment of "military industry needs high-end CNC machine tools Guide" and "edition 2009 compilation made CNC machine tools recommended products."

The pace of localization to be faster

"Localization needs faster pace," Satisfying that, in October 2008, the US government to "unwarranted" as an excuse for the imposition of sanctions Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. March 4, 2009, Japanese police arrested a machinery manufacturing enterprises four related personnel on the grounds that they secretly to China and South Korea export of sensitive machinery "can be used to make nuclear weapons". In recent years, companies frequently subjected to similar unwarranted sanctions, which makes us more conscious of the development of China's CNC machine tools also need to be faster.

"At present, a number of major national special weapons development and production of high-tech engineering, heavy, tight, accuracy and quality of domestic machine tool is difficult to meet customer demand, but can only purchase imported goods." Deputy director of the National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau, Wang Yiren expressed .

Some experts also said that at present, each of the military industry needs high-end CNC machine tools small number of units, demanding, product profit margins, so some machine tool companies willing to produce. The situation has seriously affected the country's self-developed high-end CNC machine tools.

Zhang this view, military industrial enterprises and machine tool businesses need more trust, to make a joint force of China's equipment manufacturing industry. In addition, he also said that at present too many machine tool companies, the need for mergers and acquisitions, and some machine tool companies need to further strengthen technological innovation, can not always stay in the low level.

Miao Wei also recommended that the machine tool industry to effectively independent innovation as the strategic development of the industry, around the high-end equipment, systems, feature development, focus on improving product reliability and accuracy performance. At the same time to further strengthen service management, to ensure timely maintenance services, raise awareness and the level of after-sales service, lifting the user to worry about the purchase of domestic CNC machine tools.

Wang Ren also said that the obligation of military industry and machine tool industries, also have a responsibility to the State overall situation, the domestic high-end CNC machine tool applications and development as a long-term strategic task for major projects "demonstration project" as the starting point, in to promote the application within the military industry's first self-developed machine tool enterprises (sets) of equipment, technology and trade carried out by combining the introduction of absorption and other kinds of cooperation and innovation, bringing the two sides combination, for the construction of advanced defense technology industry and advanced nation Manufacturing and make due contributions.