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The developmental trend of CNC machine tools in the next five years

Author: Time:2015-07-20 Views:4883
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Based on the rapid growth of China's machine tool demand in recent years, we expect the next five years the average annual growth rate of China's CNC machine tools will be more than 30%.

China is the world's biggest machine tool consuming country for the rapid growth of machine downstream industry investment of fixed assets in the recent years. The annual growth of domestic demand for machinery and electronic products market increase at 30% annually, driving the machine tool market demand for more than 30% growth. Since 2002, our country has become the world's biggest machine tool consumer. 2004, domestic metal cutting machine tools production reached 389,400 units, CNC machine tool production 51,900 units; three quarters of 2005, China's metal-cutting machine tools and CNC machine tool production reached 340,800 sets and 43,300 sets.

From the machine structure, since 2001, the rapid growth of production of metal-cutting machine tools, showing a clear growth trend inverted U-shaped, with an average annual increase of 21.23% (arithmetic average); and CNC machine tool production growth over the same period, the annual growth rate remained stable , there was no large amplitude, the annual arithmetic average growth rate is as high as 34.60%, significantly faster than the general growth rate of metal-cutting machine tools.

Because of CNC machine tools grew significantly faster than the ordinary metal-cutting machine tools, CNC machine tools in the proportion of the total amount of metal working machine tools increased year by year, China's machine tool numerical control rate increased year by year. 2001, CNC machine tools was 9.68%, rose to 13.32% in 2004, three quarters of 2005 CNC machine tools rate remained at 12.72% level.

In addition, China's machine tool exports grew rapidly. In 2001 China's exports of metal processing machines 45500 units, the amount of $ 290 million; 2004 export 61,900 units, worth $ 540 million. Three quarters of 2005, exports reached 48,600 sets, respectively, and $ 569 million, an increase of 10.6%, 54.8%. Over the past five years, China's machine tool export volume and value of the average annual growth rate reached 9.74 percent, 24.74 percent.

But it is worth noting that large quantities of high-level CNC machine tools are still depend on import. Since 2001, our country has become the world's largest importer of machine tools. The last five years, exchange of rapid growth for machine imports, imports of foreign exchange export proceeds are nearly 10 times. In 2004, China's imports of the metal processing machine tool 127,800 units, worth $ 5.916 billion, an increase of 2.7% and 43.3%, respectively; three quarters of 2005, imports amounted to 87,500 units, worth $ 4.929 billion.

The next five years of rapid development of CNC machine tools

The next five years, although some industries due to overcapacity, would be affected by the macro-control continues to maintain a relatively low industry boom givers, some of the equipment manufacturing industry is expected to maintain a high growth rate, especially those of national industrial policy to encourage revitalization and development of equipment sub-sectors. As the equipment manufacturing machine tools, general machine tools will get steady average annual growth of 15% -20%.

However, CNC machine tools will speedup their development. According to a survey of Chinese Machine Tool Industry Association, aerospace, defense and military industry needs large-scale, high-speed, precision, multi-axis, high efficiency NC machine tools; automobile, motorcycle, household appliances manufacturing demand efficiency, high reliability, highly automated CNC machine tools and complete sets of flexible production line; power station equipment, shipbuilding, metallurgy and petrochemical equipment, rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry demands precision, heavy-duty CNC machine tools characterized; IT industry, bio-engineering and other high-tech industry demands nano submicron ultra-precision CNC machine tools ; industrial upgrading and construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other traditional manufacturing industries, especially the vigorous development of private enterprises, need a lot of CNC machine tools and equipment. The next five years, the average annual growth rate of China's CNC machine tools more than 30%.

But in recent years the market share of domestic CNC machine tools is declining, falling from 30.1 percent in 2000 to 28.1 per cent in 2003, which requires billions of dollars spent annually imported high-grade CNC machine tools. Such kinds of situation the long run, is bound to pose a threat to our economic security operation. Therefore, to develop domestic CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools in particular to improve the localization ratio of the high-end CNC machine tools, the next five to 10 years arduous task of domestic machine tool industry.

Focus Shenyang Machine Tool

According to statistics Machinery Industry Federation, as of the end of September 2005, China's ordinary metal cutting machine tool manufacturers 315, 166 CNC machine tool manufacturers, high-precision machine tool manufacturers 31, 40 large machine tool manufacturers. But industry concentration is low is a major problem facing China's machine tool industry.

At present, China has a relatively large Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Dalian, Shanghai, Jinan, Qin Chuan, several, but these leading Machine Tool Group in the domestic market share is not very high, far from reaching the point of monopoly rule. Just from the production point of view, three quarters of 2005, the national production of cutting tools 340,800 units, 14.26 percent; among the top ten companies produce 149,200 units, the concentration of only 43.78%. Shenyang Machine Tool Group enterprises market share is only 14.07 percent.

CNC machine tools market concentration is also low. At the end of the first three quarters of last year, the national production of CNC machine tools 43 300 units, of which the top ten enterprise production 20,400 units, accounting for only 47.09%. However, large-scale high-precision machine tool market and relatively concentrated. In 2004, high-precision machine tool production units in 4353, Anhui Shangyong represented in the top ten companies accounted for 95.27% yield; 7151 sets of large-scale machine tool production, Shenyang Machine Tool and other top ten companies accounted for 80.53% yield.